High and Low – To and Fro


Once a tramp, always a tramp.
Lived between 6 months and 6 years in 7 countries outside my own (Luxembourg, Europe) on 4 continents. I believe it is important for people to spend at least a few years in parts of the world outside their own in order to broaden their perspective.



  1. Erwin thanks for stopping by my site. I agree that it’s vital to spend time in other parts of the world. I look forward to checking this site out.

    I had a question, you mentioned that you watched the online version of Third Jihad do you think you could forward me the link to that as I wish to watch it as well.


    Comment by mtakbar — 2008/10/14 @ 18:29

  2. Sir,

    I’m a reporter and student who makes regular trips to Afghanistan. I’m currently writing a senior thesis about NATO operations in Kunar province, one area where I’ve spent time embedded with American infantry units. I stumbled on your blog entries about your trips to Kunar in the 1980s, and I would be fascinated to talk to you about your recollections. Would you be amenable to this? If so, please send me an email at wmorgan@princeton.edu

    Comment by Wes — 2011/03/12 @ 10:02

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