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My view of “God” as it has evolved

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Peaks overlooking upper Kachura Valley Baltistan December 1987

Diary entry 26 April 2008:

Recapitulation of my ideas about god:  What monotheists refer to as “God” is — to me — universal consciousness, the cosmos as a whole, the “sum” of all consciousness. God is in everything and everything is god. We humans are the highest level of consciousness on this planet earth — as far as we know — and we represent the highest level of the evolution of god here. On our small “island” in the cosmos god evolves through us, changes through us. If our “island” the earth is unique in this sense, then we humans are the spearhead of the evolution of god itself. God is not in any way greater than the cosmos and did not “create” it, and cannot exist separately from this cosmos. In fact, if we are unique — which seems unlikely if the cosmos is as we perceive it (see my posts below: “The End of Religion…” and “The Universe And Us”), though certainly not impossible — then god is dependent on us to a great extent.

God has a “personality” of its own, and each one of us humans — and every other intelligent being that may exist elsewhere — represents an aspect of the “personality” of god. Each one of us reflects a facet of god’s nature.

If the cosmos itself “emerged” in some way through a Big Bang or something like it, then god was the internal essence that “emerged” with it, as did what we know as the laws of nature. The cosmos was not “created” based on any design but emerged and evolved through a process of trial and error, “guided” by god’s evolving intelligence based on the organization of memory. The emergence of life on earth and its evolution was also “guided” in this way by god. Humankind is a product of this evolution, taking consciousness to the highest level known so far on earth.

I believe god inspired man to create religions, spiritual teachings, etc., because it wanted to find a way to guide or even control humankind.

(More on 29 April 2008):  This is also the reason why humans and just about everything else tends toward forming hierarchies and pecking orders. God needs hierarchical organization in order to be able to exploit and control “created” beings. And what we have come to regard as “good” and “evil” are just different ways of looking at things from the larger perspective of god. God has traditionally favored the strong, the top of any pecking order hierarchy, because he draws the greatest pleasure from that type of organization of both living beings and inanimate reflections of his consciousness. Is god, then, like a human in his feelings and behavior? I say, absolutely, yes: at least on this earth, our tiny part of the cosmos (=>”the universe and us” below), god cannot be otherwise, because we are this way — we reflect god’s nature and god is no greater than us as a collective, and no better.

(For a chronological account of my changing view of God, see: “My View of God…”)

More to come …



  1. I believed in God the creator, and even more after my journey in the Korakarum Highway as I marvelled at the beauty of His creation. I like your photos of Skardu and Hindus rive. I just want to share a verse from the Bible that inspires me to continue believen in God ” He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eterny in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3:11. Have a blessed day

    Comment by Gladys — 2008/05/12 @ 12:06

  2. Thank you. Have a wonderful day, too.

    Comment by tramp11 — 2008/05/16 @ 16:39

  3. Hi,Erwin. I have recently started to believe in that god you depict though I´m not sure it´s the same. It´s not all-powerful and perfect and the great lie many religions innoculated is that “he”(no gender in this case)is outside us and the earth and the conclusion that provoked darkness in us humankind: that we are separated. In fact, we are so connected to each other and nature that we cannot see it.
    I disagree with you in that god inspired us to create religions. Religions emphasized the idea of separateness.
    What is the truth? May be when we gather all the pieces together, we´ll see clear. By the way…have you seen Zeitgeist? If you have…we may talk about it later.

    Comment by Madi — 2008/05/27 @ 12:41

  4. Hello Madi. Thank you for your comment. I have not seen Zeitgeist yet but I have just found it on Google Video and will watch it when I find the time — it looks interesting.
    It is still difficult for anyone to imagine that god is just as “evil” as he is “good.” I think that is the case. My point is that god has encouraged both in humankind and has enjoyed setting one against the other, using hierarchies to form opposing groups centered on rival leaders. But god evolves and changes through us, as I have emphasized. And despite appearances to the contrary I believe we are very slowly moving towards a better world with less conflict and violence. Perhaps I am naïve, but I am quite sure that god cannot change the world to good. We can. There is no hope for us if we do not believe in humankind. God and the natural world has no meaning without us or some beings like us — it might as well not exist at all.

    Comment by tramp11 — 2008/05/28 @ 21:50

  5. Im trying to understand your thought…what you say is strange since we were taught to believe in a good, perfect, all-powerful, all-knowing God, completely separated from us. You know, I used to believe in the existence of Satan but now…I´m not that sure of his existence any more.
    I´ve been reading ans searching about the question of polarity and duality(Dethlefsen explains it quite well in his book) and may be because of that that we believe in Good God and Bad Evil…may be we have to stop struggling against bad…More later

    Comment by Madi — 2008/05/30 @ 14:01

  6. I don’t believe there is a satan. God is satan, too. My post here is not finished, so I need to explain a lot more. But you can find some relevant explanations in my older posts below, including “the end of religion,” “the universe and us,” “thoughts about god” and “blasphemous ideas…,” and even “my first serious doubts about god” at the bottom of the page. This last one, dated 1994, is the oldest post here about my view of god but it gives you some idea of where I am coming from and how my ideas have evolved since 1994. If you read all of those starting from the bottom, I think you get a pretty good picture of where I stand.

    Comment by tramp11 — 2008/06/03 @ 21:44

  7. Reading a previous answer: I´m curious about the following: What do you mean by hierarchies, the ones God uses for his purposes? sort of angels, other beings in a different dimension?

    Comment by Madi — 2008/07/05 @ 04:04

  8. By hierarchies I mean hierarchical-type organization as such, and what is known as “pecking orders” in particular — where the strong, wily (cunning) and/or violent generally dominate the weak. It is dominance by one or a few over others — especially systematic dominance. But it also includes implicit hierarchies where, for example, many people follow a spiritual leader (say, Jesus), who then dominates not by force but by love (if you can use that word in this sense) or the power of inspiration. God encompasses both great beauty, goodness and gentleness as well as their counterparts ugliness, evil and violence — just like we do. It is not that I am making god seem human but rather that I believe we humans are simply a full reflection of god: here on earth we represent the spearhead of god’s evolution, the highest point of consciousness that god itself (or him/herself) has reached. God cannot be different from us here – that is, from humankind as a whole.

    Comment by tramp11 — 2008/07/05 @ 11:17

  9. I see. I had been reading a book about multidimensionality and beings from other dimensions and mix it up with your thoughts!!
    I totally agree with you in this: only us can save ourselves, I´m more and more convinced of that which means the end of religion, of searching gurus and leaders of any kind. There´s wisdom in our cells and the answers are waiting for over thousand years in the tiniest particle of ourselves.

    Comment by Madi — 2008/07/14 @ 14:34

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